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Design Custom Keyboard Covers

These days, there are a variety of companies offering customizable covers to fit keyboards, as well as mice, laptops, scanners and other devices for home and office computers. These covers protect your electronics from spills and other foreign items or dust falling into your keyboard or other device, prolonging the life of your equipment. This article examines a few of the available options for purchasing these made-to-order skins for your computing devices.

Protect computer products

The brand Protect boasts that they are the only manufacturer of keyboard and screen protectors given the distinction of Panasonic's "Tough Book Tough" rating. They offer a huge range of pre-made keyboard protectors for many models of computers as well as easy-to-order custom sizes for industrial customers. Protect has done custom work for the United States government for over two decades.

R-Cubed Service and Sales, Inc.

R-Cubed offers handmade custom keyboard covers. Each soft cover is said by the company to fit your keyboard like a glove. Because no glues or other adhesive are used, it is quite easy to remove and replace the covers on the rare occasion when the keyboard may need cleaning despite use of the cover. What is unique about these covers is that they are made through a vacuum-seal process using your actual keyboard. While the company does have many models in stock, you should supply the company with your keyboard brand and place a special order if they do not have the exact model on hand.

Fellowes mail order kit

The Fellowes brand is unique in that the kit is purchased from a retailer. Once the kit is obtained, follow the included measurement and ordering instructions to actually order the keyboard cover from Fellowes. This option is particularly appealing if you are placing orders for less technologically savvy friends or relatives, as the order is easily submitted online, through fax or by mail.

SafeSkin custom keyboard covers

Similar to the Fellowes kit, SafeSkin offers a prepaid mailer that you may purchase for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. The recipient of the keyboard cover needs only to fill out the reply card included in the mailer and send it back to SafeSkin. Within a few weeks, the company sends out the custom-made cover.

There are a number of ways to purchase completely custom-made keyboard covers, either individually or by bulk. There are also options available that fit a wide variety of keyboard models. These covers protect the keyboard from dust, pet hair, accidental spills and more. Purchasing one for each of your computing devices could very well extend their lives far beyond the normal life expectancy of electronic devices and their peripheral accessories.